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SAS® Upcoming Titles

The Simple Guide to SAS®: From Null to Novice

By Kirby Thomas
Anticipated publication date: Second Quarter 2024

This simple guide will help new coders learn the basics and get up and running in SAS quickly. It can be used as on-the-job training or as a resource for an introduction to SAS course. After completing this book, readers will understand the fundamentals of SAS programming, like how SAS processes data, how to set up libraries, syntax structures for data steps and procedures, importing and exporting data, viewing and summarizing data, data transformations, combining and aggregating data, and Creating Reports. The guide organizes information by topic, explains common business problems and how to solve them using SAS, details common pitfalls to avoid, and provides example code and datasets for readers to follow along with.

Mastering Marketing Data Science: A Comprehensive Guide for Today's Marketers

By Iain Brown
Anticipated publication date: Second Quarter 2024

This book takes you through the entire process of guiding an analytics initiative from inception to execution. You’ll learn which aspects of the project to pay attention to, the right questions to ask, and how to keep the project team focused on its mission to produce relevant and valuable projects. Drawn from best-practice research in the field of analytics, the Manageable Tasks described in this book are specific to the goal of implementing big data tools at an enterprise level. A dream team of analytics and business experts have contributed their knowledge to show you how to choose the right business problem to address, put together the right team, gather the right data, select the right tools, and execute your strategic plan to produce an actionable result.

Financial Data Science with SAS®

By Babatunde O. Odusami
Anticipated publication date: Third Quarter 2024

Financial Data Science with SAS® will give readers a practical foundation in the different types of analytical techniques and quantitative tools used in the financial services industry using SAS as the main platform.

The main subjects of the books are set around five themes: 

  • An overview of financial data science and its various applications in the financial services industry.
  • A practical introduction into how to visualize and derive inferences from financial data. 
  • A practical introduction into how to solve financial problems using financial data.
  • A practical application of predictive analytics in financial services settings.
  • An overview of fintech and other innovations in Financial Services.