SAS® Upcoming Titles

Consumption-Based Forecasting and Planning: Predicting Changing Demand Patterns in the New Digital Economy

By Charles Chase
Anticipated publication date: Third quarter 2021

In Consumption-Based Forecasting and Planning, thought leader and forecasting expert Charles W. Chase delivers a practical and novel approach to retail and consumer goods companies demand planning process. The author demonstrates why a demand-centric approach relying on point-of-sale and syndicated scanner data is necessary for success in the new digital economy. The book showcases short- and mid-term demand sensing and focuses on disruptions to the marketplace caused by the digital economy and COVID-19.

Interactive Reports in SAS® Visual Analytics: Advanced Features and Customization

By Nicole Ball
Anticipated publication date: Third quarter 2021

This book contains a variety of examples that enable you to customize Visual Analytics reports to enhance the viewer experience. You can create interactive links to external websites, use parameters to give the viewer more control, add custom graphs and third-party visualizations, execute SAS code using the Job Execution Service, and even embed report content in your own web pages or apps.

Introduction to Statistical and Machine Learning Methods for Data Science

By Carlos Andre Reis Pinheiro and Mike Patetta
Anticipated publication date:  Third quarter 2021

This book provides a comprehensive overview of the statistical and machine learning techniques associated with data science initiatives. You will learn the most important techniques and methods related to data science and when to apply them for different business problems.

Text as Data: Computational Methods of Understanding Written Expression Using SAS®

By Barry de Ville and Gurpreet Singh Bawa
Anticipated publication date: Third quarter 2021

Text as Data: Computational Methods of Understanding Written Expression Using SAS® presents an overview of text analytics and the critical role SAS software plays in combining linguistic and quantitative algorithms in the evolution of this dynamic field.

Tree-Based Machine Learning Methods in SAS® Viya®

By Sharad Saxena
Anticipated publication date: Third quarter 2021

Decision trees and tree-based ensembles are supervised learning models used for problems involving classification and regression. This book covers everything from using a single tree to more advanced bagging and boosting ensemble methods in SAS Viya.

Risk Modeling: Practical Applications of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning

By Terisa Roberts and Stephen Tonna
Anticipated publication date: First quarter 2022

This book introduces readers to the use of innovative AI technologies for forecasting and evaluating financial risks. Providing up-to-date coverage of the practical application of current modelling techniques in risk management, this real-world guide also explores new opportunities and challenges associated with implementing artificial intelligence into the risk management process.

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