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Deep Learning for Computer Vision with SAS®: An Introduction

Deep Learning for Computer Vision with SAS®: An Introduction

By Robert Blanchard
Anticipated publication date: Second quarter 2020

Deep Learning for Computer Vision with SAS®: An Introduction introduces the pivotal components of deep learning. You will gain an in-depth understanding of how to build deep feedforward, convolutional, and variants of denoising autoencoders. Transfer learning is covered in detail because of the emergence of this field has shown promise in deep learning. This book contains a healthy mix of theory and application. Also covered are methods for customizing deep learning models to solve novel business problems, or answer research questions.

End-to-End Data Science: A Hands-On Programming Guide

End-to-End Data Science with SAS®: A Hands-On Programming Guide

By James Gearheart
Anticipated pubication date: Second quarter 2020

End-to-End Data Science with SAS® provides clear and practical explanations of the data science environment, machine learning techniques and the SAS code necessary for the proper development and evaluation of these highly desired techniques. These explanations are demonstrated with real-world business applications across a variety of industries.

Smart Data Discovery Discovery Using SAS Viya

Smart Data Discovery Using SAS® Viya®: Powerful Techniques for Deeper Insights

By Felix Liao
Anticipated publication date: Second quarter 2020

Smart Data Discovery Using SAS® Viya® teaches advanced analytical techniques in a cohesive, simple and practical manner to equip readers with the necessary knowledge and skill to take their data discovery to the next level using SAS Visual Analytics and Visual Statistics on SAS Viya. Topics covered include a high-level overview of SAS Visual Analytics (the user interface, key features and various foundational concepts that are critical in supporting subsequent chapters) as well as applications of smart data discovery techniques. This will include multiple sections that provide relevant theories, business context and detailed guidance on how to build and interpret these advanced charts using SAS Visual Analytics such as correlation, decision trees, linear regression, and visual modeling.

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Anti-Money Laundering Transaction Monitoring Systems Implementation: Finding Anomalies

By Derek Chau and Maarten van Dijck Nemcsik
Anticipated publication date: Third quarter 2020

Provides comprehensive guidance for bank compliance and IT personnel tasked with implementing anti-money laundering transaction monitoring.


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Smart Cities Deconstructed

By James Caton
Anticipated publication date: Third Quarter 2020

Explore smart city designs with this primer for business, technology, and city executives, featuring cases studies from India and China. If you’re a business or municipal leader, this is your opportunity to explore smart city designs and see how they’re being executed in the real world. With its approachable perspective, A Practical Guide to Global Smart Cities serves as your smart city primer.

Statistical Thinking: Improving Business Performance, Third Edition

Statistical Thinking: Improving Business Performance, Third Edition 

By Roger Hoerl and Ron D. Snee
Anticipated publication date: Third quarter 2020

How statistical thinking and methodology can help you make crucial business decisions

Straightforward and insightful, Statistical Thinking: Improving Business Performance, Third Edition, will prepare you for business leadership by developing your capacity to apply statistical thinking to improve business processes. Unique and compelling, this book will show you how to derive actionable conclusions from data analysis, solve real problems, and improve real processes. Here, you'll discover how to implement statistical thinking and methodology in your work to improve business performance.

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Text as Data: Computational Methods of Understanding Written Expression Using SAS® VTA

By Barry de Ville
Anticipated publication date: Fourth quarter 2020

This book is designed to summarize and synthesize the recent 15+ year period which saw the evolution of SAS’s initial text mining release through to the delivery of a number of cloud-based solutions that have culminated in the release of SAS Visual Text Analytics. This title is an integrated overview of text analytics and the role and synergy derived both in the SAS environment and in the evolving information technology environment. It explains selected in-depth scenarios that illustrate components of the overall processing framework.

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