The Little SAS Enterprise Guide Book Reviews

"The Little SAS Enterprise Guide Book is a must-have for any student or professional looking for an introduction, or simply wanting to refine their techniques when using SAS Enterprise Guide."

Ryan Lafler

"As we have come to expect, Susan and Lora have once again produced a valuable and concise reference guide for new users. Of all the great tips available in the book, I think the very first tip addresses the question I am most commonly asked about SAS Enterprise Guide, "How do I reset my options? — perfectly positioned in a book filled with useful ways to change options."

Peter Eberhardt
Fernwood Consulting Group Inc.

"I have been using SAS Enterprise Guide (EG) since version 3.0. I have often said that EG is great tool to learn, but a difficult tool to try to teach yourself (without the benefit of documentation). Having this handy guide should prevent skinned knuckles, scrapes, and aggravation inherent in the "school of hard knocks" approach to learning.

"EG 7.13 has vastly improved features–unfortunately this comes with a steeper learning curve. This book provides a "guided learning" experience in creating a project using SAS Enterprise Guide. It used to be the case that (for example) you might create a bar chart using EG and then spend some time and effort afterwards cleaning it up (fixing headers, changing fonts, etc.). The present book shows you how you can do all of this within the tool itself.

"Some of the smartest (and experienced) people I know use SAS Enterprise Guide on a daily basis. If you’re still not convinced, try importing a "messy" comma-delimited file (lines missing, etc.) using "desktop SAS" and then use the same file using the import wizard in SAS Enterprise Guide. It will make a believer out of you.

"The book is well-thought out, planned, and executed–great job Lora and Susan."

Stanley Fogleman
Independent Consultant

"This book by Susan Slaughter and Lora Delwiche is indispensable for anyone using SAS Enterprise Guide. The writing is clear and straightforward but never wastes my time. It has realistic examples and useful tips. Whether you are new to SAS Enterprise Guide or not, this book has the essentials needed to get the most out of the software's capabilities"

Jenine Milum
In-House User Group Lead

"Susan Slaughter and Lora Delwiche are the go-to authors when you start learning about SAS tools. The Little SAS Enterprise Guide Book is no exception—it provides a tutorial that carefully walks you through the basics of using SAS Enterprise Guide. However, it also provides many tips and tricks for getting the most from the tool and creating awesome data analysis."

Tricia Aanderaud
Director of Data Visualization Practice
Zencos Consulting

"Susan Slaughter and Lora Delwiche have created a wonderful tutorial for novice SAS users who are not yet SAS programmers. For 90% of this book readers are gently introduced to the features of SAS Enterprise Guide for reading, manipulating, and reporting SAS data without once showing any SAS code. There is just a short section near the end of the book that explains how to program in the SAS language, by which time readers will be comfortable with SAS data, making this book a perfect introduction for newcomers to SAS."

Philip R Holland
Consultant and Author
Holland Numerics Ltd