The Business Forecasting Deal: Exposing Myths, Eliminating Bad Practices, Providing Practical Solutions Reviews

"Mike Gilliland's new book is a breath of fresh air. It's simple, straightforward, easy to read, insightful-and loaded with solid, practical advice on how to improve the forecasting process in your company."

From the Foreword by Tom Wallace

"Into a market awash in forecasting texts, each promising to be the panacea for supply chain inefficiencies and sales shortfalls, Mike Gilliland's The Business Forecasting Deal is a refreshingly objective assessment of the real costs and benefits of forecast process improvement. Above all, his book cuts to what should be at the heart of all our efforts: are the expenditures in time and money we are making in forecast improvement truly resulting in incremental profitability?"

Jonathon Karelse
National Marketing Manager
Yokohama Tire (Canada) Inc.

"A great book, unique as well. Mike Gilliland is the first person with a mission to bring 'worst practices' into the open so that forecasters can see what they are doing wrong and the price they are paying for it. Nothing can happen unless they recognize their problems, for which Mike has made a tremendous contribution."

Dr. Chaman Jain
Editor, Journal of Business Forecasting
St. John's University

"Mike Gilliland has captured the key issues in this book, and his work, particularly on volatility and Forecast Value Added, is to be applauded."

Martin Joseph
Managing Director
Rivershill Consulting Ltd.

"I have used Mike Gilliland's Forecast Value Added (FVA) analysis for the past year, and it has made a big difference in understanding what steps in our forecasting process are worthwhile and what steps need to be improved or eliminated. His advice on the proper way to present FVA to upper management has helped gain the confidence of the division in this analysis."

Dave Wehling
Manager, Marketing Requirements, International Division
The Toro Company

"Mike Gilliland provides a unique perspective on the forecasting discipline. He presents sound quantitative lessons paired with pragmatic, realistic, and effective methodologies for applying his techniques. This book is an excellent and perhaps mandatory addition to the repertoire of demand managers and supply chain management professionals alike."

Emily Rodriguez
Supply Chain Program Manager
Intel Corporation

"This book is a must read for demand planning practitioners and for organizational leaders and management dealing with demand forecasting. The book lays out the problem definition and issues dealing with forecasting, and provides a practical approach for implementing the demand planning process."

Shashi Tripathi
Vice President Product Management
AGNITY Healthcare

"We had a few 'Aha!' moments when we first came across Mike Gilliland's work through webinars and conferences. In this book, Mike compiles and shares his insights of the realities of business forecasting and provides recommendations on how to navigate them.

Some highlights:

Managing forecast accuracy expectations.
Streamlining existing forecasting processes using Forecast Value Added (FVA) methodology.
Identifying erroneous "best practices" that contribute to flawed approaches.
The Business Forecasting Deal is well-written, easy to understand, and intuitively appealing not only to practitioners but their business partners as well. A must-read!"

Kean Chew, Demand Planning Senior Manager & Brad Ragland, Demand Planning Team Leader
HAVI Global Solutions
"This book effectively addresses the frequent challenge of understanding and communicating the limitations of forecasting. I have learned to view a forecast as a risk management tool, but it can only be used to the fullest when we are able to leverage the forecast to make the best supply chain decisions. Mike Gilliland has identified ways for corporations to become more knowledgeable about their performance, be better equipped to manage expectations, and shown how to improve forecast results where opportunities exist. This is an exciting read for me as we are on the cusp of implementing a forecastability analysis, utilizing FVA to assess our performance. This book equips me to educate both internal users (our analysts), as well as external customers of the forecast on this new information."

Mark Hahn
Manager, Sales Forecasting and Analysis
Amway Corporation

"Truly exceptional in its simple and straightforward commentary on forecasting as practised in several organizations. With valuable insights on how to get the 'bang for the buck' in the intriguing world of business forecasting and suggestions to improve the quality of forecasts, the book is a must-read for all those involved in forecasting function and responsible for supply chain effectiveness in organizations."

Suren Palakkal
Senior Solution Consultant
MEB Consulting LLC, USA

"Insightful, entertaining, and a must for all planning professionals. Mike Gilliland is able to take complex concepts and theories and describe them for all to understand. This book should be read by planners and executives."

Mary Côté
Senior e-Business Consultant
DeltaWare Systems Inc.

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