Taming the Big Data Tidal Wave: Finding Opportunities in Huge Data Streams with Advanced Analytics Reviews

"This is a one-stop handbook for anyone who wants to understand what big data is and how to leverage it through advanced analytics processes and methods. Bill Franks intimately understands and describes how to create an entire analytics ecosystem intended to deliver competitive advantage."

Stuart Aitken
dunnhumby USA

"In Taming the Big Data Tidal Wave, Bill Franks does a great job introducing both big data and the kind of analytics that will generate value from the waves of new data that are washing over companies. Easy to read and with helpful wrap-up sections in each chapter, the book avoids technical jargon without being lightweight. In this great introductory book, Bill makes a powerful case for analytic innovation, and for getting started now."

James Taylor
CEO, Decision Management Solutions and author of Decision Management Systems: A Practical Guide to Using Business Rules and Predictive Analytics

"In case you ever wondered why big data is providing business value in many industries, this book gives you perspectives and answers from many angles – from the tech side, to data science, to business users and processes. In my entire career of researching and lecturing on analytics, I have never encountered a book that combines the knowledge of both information technology and business managers in such a succinct way. I would recommend it to anyone whose career intersects with big data."

Diego Klajban
Professor at Northwestern University; Director, Master of Science in Analytics

"Bill Franks provides an entertaining and consumable take on a complex and intricate topic. The mix of insights applicable to practitioners and novices alike make this a critical read for someone new to the analytics space or to anyone in the space wanting to ensure they can learn from an accomplished leader. Franks’ view across multiple industries and uses of big data have positioned him well to deliver this entry into the emergence of the space."

Richard Maltsbarger
Senior Vice President, Strategy for Lowe’s Companies, Inc.

"This book is targeted for the business managers who wish to leverage the opportunities that big data can bring to their business. It is written in an easy flowing manner that motivates and mentors the non-technical person about the complex issues surrounding big data. Bill Franks continually focuses on the key success factor… How can companies improve their business through analytics that probe this big data? If the tidal wave of big data is about to crash upon your business, then I would recommend this book."

Richard Hackathorn
Bolder Technology, Inc.

"Most big data initiatives have grown both organically and rapidly. Under such conditions, it is easy to miss the big picture. This book takes a step back to show how all the pieces fit together, addressing varying facets from technology to analysis to organization. Bill approaches big data with a wonderful sense of practicality - "just get started" and "deliver value as you go" are phrases that characterize the ethos of successful big data organizations."

Eric Colson
Vice President of Data Science and Engineering

"Bill Franks is a straight-talking industry insider who has written an invaluable guide for those who would first understand and then master the opportunities of big data."

Thornton May
Futurist & Executive Director
The IT Leadership Academy

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