Style & Statistics: The Art of Retail Analytics Reviews

"As a non-technical retail aficionado, I found Style and Statistics to be a modern, applicable guide to gaining a competitive edge in a fierce industry. Bullard's knack for retail shone through and provided an insightful path to success, as an organization and as an individual, in a constantly evolving landscape."

Erin Fatica
Replenishment Planner

"I have no doubt that leveraging the art and science of analytics is a key to the future for retailers large and small. Use the information and insights that you'll gain from Style and Statistics to turbo-charge the success of your business!"

Steve Knopik
Bealls Inc.

"As a buyer for a large department store I am always trying to find the balance between customer wants by store location and how to best meet supply and demand. Delivering beautiful product to a store is a great feeling, but knowing product you deliver also has analytical data backing it up is a dream come true to any buyer."

Tiffany Kozel
Corporate Buyer

"Retail has become an extremely competitive and rapidly changing business. In today's omnichannel marketplace, robust retail analytics are critical to successfully connecting with and retaining the customer. In Style and Statistics, Ms. Bullard lays the groundwork with historical information around the business of retail, while providing a forward thinking approach to current and future challenges. Style and Statistics is educational, approachable, and entertaining! I would definitely recommend this book to both new and experienced Planning and Allocation professionals!"

Christy L. Jameson
Merchandise Planning and Allocation Management Professional