Step-by-Step Basic Statistics Using SAS®: Exercises Reviews

"Exercises provides the learner with hands-on exercises that can be used to practice the data analysis skills that are being learned...I can recommend the Student Guide and Exercises books without equivocation."

Bert W. Westbrook, Ph.D.
Professor of Psychology
Alumni Distinguished Undergraduate Professor
North Carolina State University

"My graduate students and I have had a good chance to look over the new workbook.... The general consensus is that it is extremely successful on a number of levels. [Larry Hather has] thought of everything...We especially like how [he] incorporated additional explanations to help students navigate the computer itself."

Professor Frank Pajares, Winship Distinguished Research Professor
Emory University

"The problems are interesting, and the tasks required are those a researcher must undertake. Students who work all the exercises in this book will definitely be confident and prepared to use SAS to conduct these analyses independently."

Sheri Bauman, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Department of Educational Psychology,
University of Arizon, Tucson

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