Statistics Using SAS Enterprise Guide Reviews

"While numerous texts address using SAS and other statistical packages for biostatistical analysis, there has been no text addressing how to use SAS Enterprise Guide for this purpose. Jim's book is thus a uniquely valuable resource for the many biostatistics faculty members, including myself, who seek to provide students with hands-on experience with a statistical package that is both user-friendly and powerful."

Albert G. Crawford, Ph.D., MBA, MSIS
Assistant Professor, Dept of Health Policy
Thomas Jefferson University

"Statistics using SAS Enterprise Guide offers multiple opportunities. It is most suitable for a beginner wishing to learn both SAS Enterprise Guide and statistics. Alternatively, for someone with knowledge of SAS Enterprise Guide or statistics, it will offer a chance to become proficient in both."

Karol Katz, M.S
Programmer Analyst
Yale University School of Medicine

"I recommend this book as the main book for a basic, non-technical course in statistics and as a supplement for a technical course. In either case, it provides the foundation for using SAS Enterprise Guide as the tool for doing statistics. It is important to introduce future users of statistics to their future interface to SAS, the premier software package in statistics."

John C. Hennessey, Ph.D.
Mathematical Statistician
Social Security Administration

"Statistics Using SAS Enterprise Guide is a comprehensive and appropriate source to learn about SAS Enterprise Guide, data management, and statistical concepts ranging from descriptive statistics to statistical inferences covering analysis of variance, regression and correlation procedures, and table analysis.

This book is designed to be used as either a supplement or the main text in statistics courses and is not only a "must have" for students and teachers but also for anyone who performs data analyses using SAS Enterprise Guide. "

Barbara Schneider, Ph.D., Professor
Medical University of Vienna
Core Unit for Medical Statistics and Informatics Section of Medical Statistics

"This is an excellent technical guide for learning how to perform basic statistical analysis using SAS Enterprise Guide. It is written in very easy to understand language and is suitable for those with very little or no statistical background. It includes plenty of examples with which even students with no statistical background can associate. Explanations of outputs in simple language are profoundly effective in demonstrating the use of different statistical procedures for data analysis and inference."

Madhuri Mulekar, Professor of Statistics
University of South Alabama

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