Statistical Programming with SAS/IML Software Reviews

"If you've ever wondered what a matrix programming language would look like on steroids, then look no further. Rick Wicklin's new book, Statistical Programming with SAS/IML Software, reveals all in describing SAS/IML Studio. The straightforward matrix calculating machine SAS/IML finds itself embedded in the object-oriented world of SAS/IML Studio with the ability to link objects, call R functions and SAS procedures, and produce stunning interactive graphics. With these new tools, only your imagination and programming abilities stand between you and any statistical calculation."

Charlie Hallahan
Economic Research Service, USDA

"This book really expanded my view of SAS/IML and IMLPlus. Not only does it contain excellent descriptions of basic language constructs, but the text also explains object-oriented programming techniques and methods of integrating with languages such as R or Java. Statistical Programming with SAS/IML Software is an excellent reference for those new to SAS/IML or seasoned programmers looking to optimize existing code or improve data visualizations. Overall, it is a great addition to any SAS user's bookshelf."

Dr. Sarah Kreider
Veteran industry software engineer
University of Colorado

"The book covers many of the SAS/IML subtleties and tricks with plenty of examples needed to become a good SAS/IML programmer. The author has done a great job delivering the vital information in a lucid language that makes it a perfect reading."

Deepak Khugher
Senior SAS Programmer

"IML or ‘interactive matrix language’ is the mechanism by which SAS software generally does command line style programming. Rick Wicklin’s text Statistical Programming with SAS/IML Software provides a framework for learning how to use the software from the ground up. . . . The book actually has three important subcomponents: SAS/IML, SAS/IML studio, and using R within SAS. The last part is extremely important because many programmers are looking for ways to use the novel analytics being developed and deployed as part of the R project but within as SAS framework that they are already comfortable with. . . . The ground up approach is nice and Wicklin is careful to try and provide examples that are meaningful to new users who might think that trivial examples could be done via other means."

The American Statistician

"This SAS software programming book is powerfully packed with information and examples of users of SAS/IML at all levels. . . . Bottomline is that this book is an excellent reference book for anyone serious about IML programming with IMLPlus. Some chapters could even be easily incorporated into some courses, such as multiple regression or multivariate methods."


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