Simulating Data with SAS Reviews

"This book is a powerful learning tool and an indispensable aid to anyone who wants to use simulation methods in SAS. I especially like the exercises throughout each chapter, because I believe that you learn much more by getting into the 'meat' of the program. Also of particular interest to me were the chapters on resampling and on moment matching. These are two methods that have great appeal in our analyses of safety pharmacological data."

Steve Denham
Associate Director, Biostatistics
MPI Research, Inc.

"Rick Wicklin's new book, Simulating Data with SAS, is highly approachable, and shows how the power of the IML language can be harnessed with other elements of the SAS System to make simulation easy. The book is ideal for self-learners who already have a grounding in statistical modelling using SAS/STAT and who wish to learn simulation. It would also make a valuable resource for a graduate level course that introduces simulation and IML programming at the same time."

Ian Wakeling
Qi Statistics

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