Saving Time and Money Using SAS

"Efficient software means reduced costs and maximum return on an organization's investment. The SAS System provides a myriad of tools to solve business problems, but the most efficient techniques are seldom obvious and often overlooked. What the programmer needs is a detailed reference manual, an efficiency tutorial, and a friendly mentor all rolled into one. That's what this book provides in superb fashion. Philip Holland has taken several of the key issues, explained the problems, suggested solutions, and even provided sample code. Keep this book on your desk!"

Peter Bennett
Director, I.T. Training Services Limited, UK

"At first glance I thought that this might be just another book of SAS coding examples. Not so! A closer inspection shows that this book is all about the problems and issues, some big and some small, that are sure to cause heartburn when they are encountered. It provides both standard and nonstandard solutions to a wide variety of production situations. Before you pull your hair out, grab this book…it will save you both time and money. "

Art Carpenter
California Occidental Consultants

"Phil Holland's unique, valuable book covers not only fundamental concerns common to all programmers (such as disk space usage and processing run times), but also their potential needs (for example, accessing SAS data without SAS code and transporting data between SAS and databases without using SAS/ACCESS). There is wise advice to enable you to get the most out of your hardware when using SAS. But most remarkable are the creative ideas and ingenious methods of this versatile author, eminently skilled in both SAS and other software, that can help you to get the most out of your existing SAS software by integrating it with other software that you might already have. This book is a resource without equal. "

LeRoy Bessler, Ph.D.
SAS User Since 1978

"This book offers an eclectic mix of practical techniques for getting more out of your investment in SAS software. It is rare to find z/OS mainframe, Windows PC, UNIX, and client/server information in the same book, but Phil achieves this feat most effectively. His fully worked code examples and detailed explanations should enable readers not only to create their own programs when using these techniques but also to understand how and why their programs work. Use this guide to explore the capabilities of the SAS software you license, and you will surely enhance the value of those assets. "

Steve Morton
Principal Consultant
Applied System Knowledge Ltd.

"I've enjoyed reading Phil's book. It has a good mix of text and illustrations, making the book readable and instantly usable. Phil's sound, experienced advice is all very practical, and there's something in the book for everyone from SAS novices to metadata and macro masters. My copy of the book is now well-thumbed and stays within easy reach. "

Andrew Ratcliffe (Solutions in SAS)

"I like Phil Holland's new book because it is quick and easy to use. You can dive in and find useful examples of code that you can incorporate immediately to craft your own solutions. With the combination of this functionality and the many step-by-step instructions and screen shots, this book will pay for itself in the amount of time it saves. I also really like the mix of topics and SAS products used, which goes where the topic leads and incorporates everything from SAS Enterprise Guide to DB2, and Base SAS to DB2 on z/OS. I highly recommend this book, which I think will be used by SAS programmers very frequently as they go about their day-to-day programming tasks. "

Phil Mason
Independent SAS Consultant and Author

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