SAS Viya: The Python Perspective Reviews

"Attention Data Scientists!! If you are looking for a book to learn how you can do data analysis on SAS Viya using Python, then your prayers have just been answered.

With SAS Viya: The Python Perspective, the authors provide a detailed and exciting journey into SAS Viya through what appears to be a data analysis lifecycle. From initially connecting Python to SAS Viya, detailed data manipulation and processing using SAS Cloud Analytics Services (CAS), through to data modeling.

To get the most out of this book, a rudimentary understanding of Python is assumed; however, the authors do provide an excellent crash course in Python for those eager to get started using SAS Viya. An added bonus is that the book covers the use of SAS Viya with Anaconda, Pandas, and Jupiter Notebook, all of which are staples in the Data Scientist's toolbox.

It's refreshing to see SAS embracing open platforms such as Python, and this book is an excellent guide on how to use this exciting combination of technologies."

David Moors
Whitehound Limited