SAS Programming in the Pharmaceutical Industry

"Very hands-on and comprehensive! Both the novice and the advanced user will find valuable tips and techniques in this well-written text on SAS Programming in the Pharmaceutical Industry. Important topics such as CDISC, MedDRA, WHODrug, and SOPs are clearly presented with the SAS user in mind. The text is a virtual treasure chest of many delightful examples, ranging from performing many-to-many comparisons/joins and creating box-and-whisker plots, to using the SQL Pass-Through Facility to read Microsoft Excel data."

Dr. Jimmy Thomas Efird
John A. Burns School of Medicine

"A down-to-earth book on the practical aspects of performing clinical trial analyses in the pharmaceutical industry. Jack Shostak wastes no time in getting to important issues such as industry regulations and standards, data preparation and transformation, and acquiring data. His use of examples helps reduce a lot of the development time one spends on getting the correct syntax for statements and procedures for reporting results, like creating tables and listings, preparing graphics, and performing commonly used statistical analyses. Programmers working with clinical trial data in areas outside the pharmaceutical industry might find this book useful in expanding their SAS programming skills as well."

Robert Francis, Ph.D.
NOVA Research Company

"Jack has done a great job giving the most experienced clinical programmer or an entry level clinical programmer what we love to read - source code and new approaches to industry issues. This book covers SAS and industry information from a clinical trial programmer's 'need to know' perspective. Consider this book the Ultimate Guided Expedition for Clinical Trial Programmers. This will keep new folks "out of trouble" and give the seasoned professional something new to consider."

Tim Moore
President, Quality Research Partner, Inc.