Book Reviews for:  SAS® Certification Prep Guide: Statistical Business Analysis Using SAS®

You won’t find a better single-volume explanation of inferential statistics and what to do with it in a business setting. The authors clearly had the ambitious goal of teaching the reader the fundamental concepts of descriptive and inferential statistics, and then showing them how to solve common business problems using statistical tests and models. They did a great job.  The explanations are very clear, which is saying a lot, as inferential statistics can be confusing. Fundamental concepts such as sampling distributions and the Central Limit Theorem are explained in a very effective way, and explanations are always followed by a practical example using real-world data. If you aspire to use data to solve business problems using statistical methods, and you could only choose one book to teach you what you need to know, it should be this one. It provides you with a solid foundational of fundamental concepts, and then arms you with a robust playbook of techniques that can be put into practice in any industry.  This is not just another certification prep guide. 

Justin Wright
Portfolio Management Analyst


This is THE one book for every SAS programmer that does analytics on the job. It is fantastic and is the book I now plan to have in my backpack as I move from client to client. It is was designed with three parallel structures. First, it covers the 330+ topics that SAS can quiz on in the Business Analytics certification and is an excellent exam prep. For ease of use after the exam, each chapter starts with a list of the topics that will be covered in that chapter which brilliant. The second structure organizes the topics in the sequence of an analytic project so this book can be used as a template for a business project. Third, the book is structured so that it can be used as the text for a two seminar course in Stat using SAS. Well written & voluminous, this is an amazing exam prep and reference.

Russ Lavery

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