Preparing Data for Analysis with JMP®

"As anyone who has ever analyzed data knows, most of your time on the project will be spent gathering, wrangling, and preparing the data. Even if you know where the data are located, you may spend hours trying to download and organize them before you can see your first plot. As someone who has taught data mining both in academics and in industry, I know that there are scant resources that help students make the transition from the pristine data sets found in most text books to the unruly ones they encounter in real life. The good news for JMP users is that Rob Carver has written a book that bridges that gap. The book details the most common problems that data analysts face, and it provides clear, well-organized solutions.

"Rob gives a thorough introduction to various data types and the challenges they present before getting to the chapters that I found most relevant, "Database Queries" and "Importing Data from Websites." I loved the detailed examples from several (challenging) websites and found the instructions clear and helpful. These chapters alone make the book worth its weight, but readers will find much wisdom in the entire data preparation problem throughout the entire book. I encourage any JMP user who has faced challenges with downloading, organizing, wrangling, and preparing data to take a look at this book, in other words, everyone!"

Dick De Veaux
Williams College

"I am very impressed by the organization of topics and the practical application of techniques offered in the examples. The process of preparing data for analysis is touched on briefly in many books; however, it is regularly the most time-consuming and frustrating of processes that an analyst will face. Dr. Carver touches on the majority of the needed topics in one comprehensive text.

"I plan to have Preparing Data for Analysis with JMP take up permanent residence next to my computer so I can refer to it regularly. I was previously unaware of the power and utility of the database options within JMP. The tools used to efficiently extract data from multiple large JMP files is especially helpful in my work, and I am grateful to Dr. Carver for presenting the information in ways that make practical sense.

"This book will be a big hit with all JMP users and beyond!"

Rob Lievense
Principal Statistician for R&D

"I just finished examining Rob Carver's book on Preparing Data for Analysis with JMP. I know Rob quite well and am not at all surprised by the exceptional quality of this work. First, there are many books available to do the analysis. However, this is a rare and most needed book on preparing data for analysis, as Rob indicates, the necessary but not sexy part of the process. His examples are quite clear and easy to follow and replicate. I will certainly find a place in my curriculum to include such material, and this book will serve as a central point in such a course. In fact, I am looking forward to spending much more time with this book."

Alan Olinsky, PhD
Bryant University