Predictive Modeling with SAS® Enterprise Miner™: Practical Solutions for Business Applications, Third Edition Reviews

Kattamuri Sarma’s book Predictive Modeling with SAS® Enterprise Miner is an essential book for data scientists and analysts at all levels. Students of data science and new professionals will find the book's step by step approach invaluable as they recreate the book's applications. The book's practical approach enables even the non mathematician to understand complex ideas such as principle component analysis and neural networks. For the mathematically inclined audience, Dr. Sarma provides detailed explanations and proofs. I especially enjoyed following the explanation of eigenvalues and eigenvectors in principle component analysis. Experienced analysts and data scientists will turn to this book repeatedly for its exhaustive and thorough coverage. I know that I will use this book as a reference whenever I want to understand the capability and different options behind a node in Enterprise Miner.

Renu Gehring
SAS Consultant and Instructor
Ace-Cube, LLP

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