Predictive Business Analytics: Forward-Looking Capabilities to Improve Business Performance Reviews

"In the words of Harvard Professor MENG Xiao-Li (quoted by Thomas Davenport), 'you don't need to become a winemaker to become a wine connoisseur.' This book constitutes an excellent introduction to anyone wishing to grow into a data connoisseur. Skipping all the technical aspects of predictive analytics, it focusses on how to better appreciate quantitative analysis, allowing readers to become more sophisticated consumers of data. A first-class and extremely enlightening read about fact-based decision making."

Dr. Olivier Maugain
AsiaAnalytics (formerly SPSS China)

"The authors make a compelling case: to win in tomorrow's marketplace, a company must know—not just guess at—the ways in which non-financial factors will impact financial results. But many managers will fail to adjust to this new decision-making paradigm. Reading this book is your first step in avoiding that fate. The authors use an engaging writing style and tons of practical examples to provide a clear picture of the competencies and skills sets you need to succeed."

Mary Driscoll
Senior Research Fellow

"Simply put, Larry and Gary have nailed the 'why' and the 'how' of Predictive Business Analytics in this publication. To be an economically viable company in today's transparent, global and competitive world, business leaders must champion the predictive analytics journey and embed this powerful management practice as an operational core competency. The companies that thrive integrate predictive business analytics into their DNA to out-smart their competitors in strategic and tactical decision making that yields sustainable success."

Chris D. Fraga
Chief Strategy Officer and President
Acorn International