Book Title Reviews

"With this book, Tony Adkins has made an important contribution to the body of knowledge of managerial accounting."

Gary Cokins
Lead Strategist
SAS Business Performance Management Solutions

"If you want to achieve direction, traction, and speed in business, Case Studies in Performance Management: A Guide from the Experts is a must-read . . . jam-packed with golden nuggets you can put to work immediately."

Jason Jennings
Author of Think Big, Act Small

"Tony has the insight found only from actual implementations of ABC/PM. Using this as lens, he has brought the collective experience of experts into focus."

Mohan Nair
Author of Essentials of Balanced Scorecard

"Tony Adkins has lived the life of a true ABC/PM road warrior. His collection of case studies reaches beyond the theory to capture the harsh reality of what it takes to successfully implement performance management. A must-read for anyone wise enough to learn from those who have gone before."

Chris M. Pieper, CEO
FormRouter, Inc.
(former founder and CEO of ABC Technologies)

"Everyone who reads this book will gain a solid appreciation of the substance and value of performance management in varied industry settings and applications."

Dr. Peter B. B. Turney President and Chief Executive Officer
Cost Technology, Inc.
Author of Common Cents