Practical Data Analysis with JMP®, Second Edition

"Carver's book can be used as a complement to any text used in a course or as a stand-alone book to learn JMP on your own. The topics are well organized, and it is easy to find what you are looking for. An important aspect to Carver's approach is with respect to assumptions. Carver's question, "What are we assuming?" asks us to consider the assumptions we are making when we do data analysis and reminds us of relationships among procedures. Carver's related question, "What if conditions aren't satisfied?" gives up-to-date options that statisticians use in practice.

"In Chapter 1, Carver states, "The central goal of this book is to help you build your capacity as a statistical thinker through progressive experience with the techniques and approaches of data analysis, specifically by using the features of JMP." The book supports this statement throughout. Not only is the book a practical guide, it is a book that challenges each reader to think critically about what they want to do with data analysis and whether that approach is appropriate. These skills are key for me with my students, so Carver's book will be highly recommended for my own course."

Jackie B. Miller
University of Michigan

"I have finished reviewing Rob Carver's Practical Data Analysis with JMP, Second Edition. Previously, I have not been using JMP in my basic statistics courses. However, after reviewing Rob's book, I am seriously considering using his book along with JMP in these courses. His book and the use of JMP make teaching and learning statistics an exciting proposition. JMP brings statistics alive with its graphical interactive interface. Rob provides the textual material along with clear instructions for using JMP in data analysis. Previously, I was uncomfortable using a new software package without clear supplemental materials. This book is not only supplemental in the use of JMP, but it is also an excellent text in data analysis along with its many homework exercises. Clearly, such a book could only be written by someone who has a mastery of the material and who is also very concerned with the pedagogy of the book. After going through this book, I have called JMP to obtain a copy that I can examine this summer in contemplation of using both JMP and this book during the next academic year."

Alan Olinsky
Mathematics Department
Bryant University

"Rob Carver's Practical Data Analysis with JMP, Second Edition, is an excellent introductory text to the major topics covered in an introduction to statistics course. Practical Data Analysis with JMP, Second Edition, further provides a comprehensive guide to the corresponding statistical, graph, and data capabilities in JMP. The end-of-chapter applications are an outstanding application of the concepts/techniques covered in each chapter. Additionally, the "Review of Topics" chapters provide an exceptional integration of the topics/techniques covered in several previous chapters."

Ron Klimberg
Professor at Haub School of Business
Saint Joseph's University