Next Generation Demand Management: People, Process, Analytics, and Technology Reviews

Finally, a comprehensive guide to the most important aspect of supply chain performance, 'Getting the Number Right'! Charlie's comprehensive approach to generating demand scientifically, managing demand with appropriate skills and process, aligning demand organizationally, and measuring performance is spot on for sustainable results. A must read for any organization that wants to improve overall supply chain performance by focusing on the most critical elements.

Tom Vogel
SVP End to End Supply Chain Optimization
C&S Wholesale Grocer


For organizations looking to seriously upgrade their Demand Management practices, this is the book! Charlie Chase brilliantly provides the building blocks, roadmaps, and rationale for converting Forecasting from everyday function to strategic advantage!

Chad Schumacher
Sr. Principal Data Scientist
Kellogg Company

Forecasting professionals unhappy with their lack of progress advancing the practice of demand management will find essential new approaches to addressing common problems. Old paradigms are challenged with sustainable alternatives provided. This is critical reading for practitioners.

Simon Clarke
Group Director of Forecasting
The Coca-Cola Company

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