Just Enough SAS: A Quick-Start Guide to SAS for Engineers Reviews

"This is not your typical 'introduction to SAS book.' Driven by examples, this book does not just start with syntax and it does not stop with simple concepts.

Although the book was written for engineers by an engineer, its content is not in any way limited to engineers. As the title implies, it makes no attempt to provide all the answers, all the syntax, or all the options. What it does provide are hundreds of examples of simple to complex tasks typical of those that SAS programmers need to accomplish every day. The terse style of the author and the fast pace of the text are ideal for those who do not need to have their hands held during the learning process. This approach means that the reader is not forced to read through the details just to get the major point; instead, when more detail is needed, ample references are made to a variety of sources of specific information."

Art Carpenter

"So, do you have to be an engineer to read this book??? No!

This is an excellent book for getting started with SAS when you want to analyze data-no matter where your data resides. This is the first SAS Press book that I have had the privilege to review where such a broad spectrum of SAS topics are discussed and illustrated for people just getting started with SAS.

It discusses various ways to get your data into SAS, be it from Microsoft Excel, text files, or databases. It also shows you how to push your data from SAS into a variety of outputs, including Excel, databases, HTML, and RTF, using the ODS facility.

I would highly recommend this book for anyone-beginner to expert (there are some tidbits that I discovered and did not know about). And the fact that this book covers a variety of SAS products is a nice way to see what they have to offer if you do not currently license them."

Charles Patridge
Data Manager
ISO Innovative Analytics

"I liked the 'cut to the chase' approach that this book takes. . . . The section on importing and exporting to Oracle and Microsoft Office is very useful."

Jeanne Spicer
Managing Director
Programming & Statistics Core Population Research Institute
Penn State University

"This book is an excellent guide to SAS basics and advanced topics. Rutledge has made the book easy to follow and use. Tables present quick and easy references, for example, functions and their meanings, procedures, and description; statistics and descriptions; PROC SQL and other methods; procedures, statement, and graph type; options, meanings, and some possible values; symbols for plotting data points; and ODS destination and outputs.

The wealth of information, the ability to explain simple to complex programming procedures, and the learning opportunities presented in this book are amazing."

Diana Suhr
PhD, Statistical Analyst
Office of Budget & Institutional Analysis
University of Northern Colorado

"This is a great book—an excellent resource for engineers….With an emphasis on statistics, reliability, and quality, this book will be very useful to engineers and others working in research, product development, quality, statistical process control, and manufacturing organizations."

The American Statistician

"The intent of this Guide is to provide a rapid start in SAS for engineers. This book succeeds at this task and more…. It delivers what it sets out to do and more and will allow anyone who is programming capable, not just engineers, needing to quickly get up to speed in SAS the opportunity to do so….The Guide is highly recommended and will help consumers of the Guide to quickly become productive in SAS, or if already experienced, more productive in SAS."


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