Multiple Imputation of Missing Data Using SAS Reviews

Multiple Imputation of Missing Data Using SAS® is a well-written, well-structured instructional book that provides practical guidance on the use of SAS for multiple imputation methods. It is a good balance between theoretical background and constructive solutions to deal with missing data issues.

The major focus of this book is to address missing values within the multiple imputation framework for estimation and inference. This text represents a useful addition to the literature and is complementary to existing books on the topic. It is elegant and addresses what it attempts to, without being too overwhelming. I firmly believe that the authors succeed in their basic aim of explaining all the different stages of missing data issues starting from the evaluation of missing data patterns, choice of imputation method and implementation of the process to interpretation of the results. The text is very readable and will also provide an excellent basis for anyone seeking guidance on multiple imputation methods.

Purna Mukhopadhyay
Arbor Research Collaborative for Health

Multiple Imputation of Missing Data Using SAS® does an excellent job of introducing the reader to the SAS® code needed to understand and conduct multiple imputation for univariate and multivariate missing data problems. The approach taken by the authors is intuitive and practical, without sacrificing sufficient detail in the discussion of the methods and algorithms in the program. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in learning the complex details behind multiple imputation with SAS.

Reza Daniels
School of Economics
University of Cape Town