Measurement, Analysis, and Control Using JMP: Quality Techniques for Manufacturing Reviews

"Many sources contribute to the overall variability of manufactured products. The author first determines the appropriateness of measurement instruments while simultaneously illustrating the use of JMP for the manipulation of data tables, graphs, and the design of experiments. His later objective is the estimation of components of variability assignable to the environment, operators, and process variables. The examples here range from the very simple to quite sophisticated. The text ends with an excellent introduction to quality-control charting."

J. Stuart Hunter
Professor Emeritus, School of Engineering and Applied Science
Princeton University

"What makes this book particularly useful is how it walks the JMP user through the entire analysis process, making it essentially a statistics book using JMP visuals and examples. Within each section, the text does not just show how to use a tool or test; it explains why one should use the tool, enabling the user to better understand the end results of the data set. I look forward to putting this book to everyday use at the plant."

Kevin Coley
Quality Engineer, Technimark Inc.

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