Market Data Analysis Using JMP Reviews

Market Data Analysis Using JMP®  by Walter Paczkowski is an excellent resource and reference for market research in general and in using JMP specifically. Walter excels in explaining and presenting concepts and applying his analyses using JMP. He further supports his work with solid and realistic examples. This is a comprehensive, practical, and applicable resource for the beginner to the advanced researcher, analyst, data scientist, or any number of individuals within the market research community.

Michele McKenna
Market Analytics International


Market Data Analysis Using JMP®  by Walter R. Paczkowski is a must-read and a must-have resource for anyone in the market research field, from those in the early stages of their careers to the most advanced, experienced, and accomplished professionals. What the book does brilliantly is connect the underlying basic assumptions in a methodology to the advanced possibilities for insights and actions. The book provides a comprehensive and foundational understanding of the role of data, the importance of surveys, tabs, charts, and spreadsheets. It then goes on to explain how we can all do better by using the advanced analytic tools and methodologies that Walt describes. Because the book is so well written, including practical exercises, the possibilities of achieving superior insights and actions are not intimidating but achievable with Market Data Analysis Using JMP as a central and invaluable resource.

John Dranow

Market Data Analysis Using JMP® by Walt Paczkowski is an excellent resource for quantitative market researchers. Walt does a phenomenal job of capturing the essential business value and benefit of quantitative research. In this book, Walt provides a thorough background on market research practices, techniques, and application. He then further goes into analysis methodologies and their uses. This is all while simultaneously applying JMP to accomplish data processing, statistics, and graphing in a step-by-step, easy-to-follow manner. The book also includes very well-thought-out case studies, which will help turn any beginner into a master of JMP and quantitative market research.

Brent Ginn, PhD
Senior Manager, R&D
The J.M. Smucker Company

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