Longitudinal Data and SAS®: A Programmer's Guide Reviews

Ron Cody has done it again. His newest Book by Users Press titled Longitudinal Data and SAS: A Programmer's Guide, offers new and intermediate users, working with longitudinal data, the basic tools for success. If you wish to learn by example, this book provides short SAS programs covering the most often used techniques for summarizing and restructuring longitudinal data. The comments following each program provide important hints to remember. You will gain experience by testing methods, and verifying results."

Karol Katz M.S., Programmer/Analyst
Yale University School of Medicine

"Longitudinal Data and SAS: A Programmer's Guide, by Ron Cody, is a comprehensive look at the techniques to deal with longitudinal data - data that spans multiple observations. Ron's book looks at the problems encountered when working with longitudinal data, or in restructuring data into longitudinal data, and then examines techniques to solve each problem in detail. Some are very simple techniques, some are very novel techniques. Each is a useful addition to the basic knowledge that every SAS user should possess. "

S. David Riba JADE Tech, Inc.
Corporate Actuarial Planning Unit
The Hartford

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