Jump into JMP® Scripting Reviews

"Finally! An answer to my students' questions about recommended JSL books!

This book contains exactly the kind of simple examples I have been looking to recommend to my students interested in JSL scripting. It breaks down the learning into understandable pieces, with examples. It starts off with exactly the same JSL topics that I start with curious students.

To my surprise, this book also contains the next step to my personal JSL learning."

Diana Ballard
Consulting Statistician, Artemis

"For the first-time JMP Scripter, the book provides an efficient introduction to JMP scripting and a wealth of examples to assist with the assimilation of all of the capabilities of JMP scripting. The book may be even more valuable to the experienced JMP Scripter. The "How To" section of the book, which from a page count perspective comprises about two-thirds of the book, provides examples that are extremely valuable in making one's scripts quick to produce and efficient in processing.

Anyone who wants to become a serious JMP Scripter or considers themselves a serious JMP Scripter should have a copy of this book."

Jim Nelson
FSL/IT/CIM/Yield Management Systems

"Jump into JMP Scripting is an excellent book for beginner JMP scripters. It is a nice complement to the JMP Scripting Guide and help files. It contains detailed examples, complete with code snippets, log entries, and screen shots. The authors show examples of code that don't work and those that do. They have worked in JMP tech support for many years, they know what scripters struggle with, and they have answered many common beginner questions in this book. Reading this book is like having tech support standing beside you as you venture into JSL."

Diane K. Michelson