Jump into JMP® Scripting, Second Edition Reviews


I have been really impressed by this book. I love how there are some solid examples and the text covers pitfalls/common questions and mistakes as it walks through how to implement JSL. The book is a great starting point for JSL and I have recommended a few people check out the first edition to start their JSL journey until the second became available.

I was impressed with how it walks the user through the steps with solid examples that aren’t ‘cookie cutter’ examples which are too easy. Having some ‘meat’ in the code allows the users to play around some and see/tinker with options in order to see what the code can really do. One thing I think is really cool is the chapter sections dedicated to common questions in JSL.

Nathan Clark
Staff Scientist

I began my journey in JMP Scripting with the first edition of this book years ago, which got me through the initial learning curve in a flash. The JMP Scripting Language (JSL) has come a long way since that first edition, and it's wonderful to see this fantastic book brought up to date to include such topics as namespaces and the Application and Dashboard builders.

One of the first things any JMP scripter should learn is how to make JMP write scripts for you, providing you with a template to write your own scripts to perform similar actions. This is where the book begins. From there, the reader is introduced to all of the fundamental building blocks of the JSL, learning through demonstrations based on data tables that come directly from JMP's Sample Data Library. This allows the reader to reproduce every result in the book on their own screen. From my experience, this is the absolute best way to learn a new computer language.

With experience, many scripters will internalize the lessons learned in the first half of the book rather quickly. The real reason you'll want keep this book close at hand is for the latter half. Part 2 is in a question and answer format organized by topic. Each question pertains to a task that most JMP scripters will inevitably encounter at some point in their scripting careers. Having this resource allows for the most common obstacles in JMP scripting to be cleared with minimal frustration.

To anyone who has ever expressed interest to me in learning JMP scripting, I have recommended this book as the place to start. With this new edition, I am only more eager to do so.

Cameron Willden
W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc.