JMP for Basic Univariate and Multivariate Statistics: A Step-by-Step Guide Reviews

"The social sciences context for this book provides an easy path for any manager, scientist, or engineer in any field to obtain a nearly complete understanding of the entire field of multivariate statistics. This book will become one of my definitive texts, well thumbed and worn. I found the statistics primer at the beginning of the book, with its precise definition of measurement scale types, clear and crisp. The number of realistic examples will build any JMP user's competency and expertise.

This book is ideal for both beginning and advanced JMP users. For the serious researcher it comes with some weighty topics, such as repeated-measures designs, between-subjects factors, suppressor variables, correlated predictor variables, and Cronbach's alpha. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to achieve a high level mastery in the field of multivariate statistics in a short period of time. "

Wm. Gray McQuarrie
Grayrock & Associates LLC

"There are a number of positive features to the text. I like the inclusion of the first chapter on basic concepts in research and data analysis. Many 'how to' computer guides do not include such material. In the same vein, I like the way they have included a 'case study' at the beginning of the presentation of most statistical procedures. For example, Chapter 7 gives some basic information about t tests, provides an example, and reviews/reinforces how to enter data. The 'sample' presentations of results at the ends of the chapters are a nice touch. I look forward to using this book and program more in the future."

William B. Ware, Ph.D.
School of Social Work
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

"JMP for Basic Univariate and Multivariate Statistics: A Step-by-Step Guide is a fantastic book. It is readable and will be of great use value to a selection of my graduate students. The emphasis on statistical conceptual aspects of procedures helps me help my students."

Douglas R. Knox, Ph.D.
School of Education
New Mexico Highlands University