Introduction to Design of Experiments with JMP Examples, Third Edition

For anyone wanting to learn about design of experiments, this book has it all. This book combines easy-to-read concepts and methods of design of experiments (DOE) with everyday examples and pictures. Anyone with even a cursory understanding of DOE can pick up this book and gain a very high-level understanding of DOE. The bottom line: This is far and away the best book I have seen dealing with design of experiments."

James Baker
Quality Engineer
Eastman Kodak

"JMP has exceptional tools for the design of experiments (DOE), and, what is more, these tools are well integrated with the overall capacities of a remarkably intuitive and flexible package of statistical exploration and visualization tools. Goupy and Creighton offer us a solid and practical beginner's guide to DOE, oriented to the special capacities of JMP. The book reads fairly easily, conveys the excitement and elegance of the design of optimal experiments, and will leave the reader with a good intuitive and practical introduction to some of the central problematics and approaches in applied DOE work."

Yaakov Jerome Garb
Lecturer, Ben Gurion University
Visiting Assistant Professor, Brown University

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