Intelligent Credit Scoring: Building and Implementing Credit Risk Scorecards, Second Edition Reviews

"A great read for anyone interested in the evolution credit scorecard development in the banking industry. Naeem also provides an expert view of the scorecard development process, usage, implementation and the importance of monitoring. This book is an informative read for experienced and novice scorecard developers alike."

Daniel Bonomo
Retail Risk Models

"Once again, Naeem gives us a detailed and insightful book for risk managers and non-risk managers alike on the importance of credit risk scorecards as a core competency for powerful business decisions."
Ricardo Plaisant
Consumer Chief Risk Officer

"The most comprehensive, simple and practical reference for risk professionals dealing with credit risk scorecards. It encompasses in detail the entire credit risk scorecard lifecycle right from scorecard development and validation to implementation and monitoring. In addition to quantitative techniques, Intelligent Credit Scoring also covers the practical aspects of Credit Scoring critical for business users."

Faizan Iqbal Saleh
Director & Head, Risk Strategy-Risk Analytics
Al Rajhi Bank

"Once again Mr Naeem Siddiqi, the guru of Credit Scoring, has come out with a book that is easy to understand and gives in-depth information on credit scoring model development methodologies, that will be helpful for all levels of participants who want to develop a predictable and usable credit scoring model."

Khairul Perera
Chief Credit Officer
Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad

"Siddiqi offers a contemporary, step-by-step guide to developing and implementing successful in-house credit scorecards. He sets out the key concepts in an ordered and simple to follow fashion, supported by insightful worked examples. A must-read for anyone in risk management responsible for credit scoring."

Jonathan Baum
Chief Credit Officer
Lloyds Banking Group

"Siddiqi's book is a must-read for anyone looking to develop scorecards in house, or who just needs a refresher on technique. Consumer Portfolio Services has benefitted tremendously from the knowledge and insights gained within these pages. I highly recommend this book as your trusted companion while on your educational journey into scorecard development!"

Rick Haskell
SVP of IT & Risk Management
Consumer Portfolio Services

"The author presented an integrated framework for development of Internal Scoring/Rating System for assessment and measurement of Credit Risk that really helps for implementation of Basel II IRB approach and IFRS-9 credit risk modeling."

Javed H. Siddiqi, Bsc(Hons), Msc(Physics), MBA(Finance)
Head of Risk Management
Soneri Bank

"Naeem's book has been a highly valuable resource for BNI in developing in-house scoring capabilities since 2012 by providing us with solid reference and insight about scorecard development and implementation process. His approach is simple and easy to understand. This new book will surely be another comprehensive reference for scorecard developers."

Harri Suhendra
Head of Scoring & Modeling
Bank Negara Indonesia

"In this new edition, Naeem continues to offer very practical approaches and ideas which are pertinent now more than ever to financial institutions of various sizes. Organizations will find useful tools in this book to help them improve their development, use and understanding of credit scoring models even if they aren't developing their own. This book is a must for every professional credit risk manager."

Sylvain Fortier, CERA, ASA
Vice President and Chief Risk Officer
UNI Financial Cooperation

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