Integrating Results through Meta-Analytic Review Using SAS Software Reviews

"The SAS publication provides excellent and well-written procedural details for conducting meta-analysis. The simple and stylized demonstration of various formulae as well as the specific macros are sufficient for any researcher with a basic background in statistics and meta-analytic reviews to become a practicing meta-analyst almost overnight."

Gopol Iver
Journal of Business-to-Business Marketing

"[This book] is a valuable SAS resource. Meta-analysis is an underused but powerful statistical procedure. Many statisticians are introduced to the concept of meta-analysis, but there have been few clearly written descriptions of how to perform the procedure. Wang and Bushman have filled this need with their book written for researchers with at least an introductory level of statistical knowledge. They take the reader from an introduction to meta- analysis through the various steps of SAS code and even include a section on how to present the results. Particularly helpful are the chapters on preparing a dataset for analysis and on graphical presentation alternatives. This book contains all the information a researcher would need to conduct a meta-analysis using SAS and present it for publication."

Erica Lynne Zwilling
Stroud Water Research Center

"I knew the theory, but had no practical experience with the subject. It made me think I would have a difficult time with the book's subject. I was wrong.

Mr. Wang and Mr. Bushman seem to understand this, for in the first chapter of Integrating Results through Meta-Analytic Review Using SAS Software they provide a conceptual overview of the topic. To that they provide the statistical underpinnings of meta-analysis and then guide SAS users on the SAS System's role in the analysis techniques."

James A. Shook
The Pennsylvania Higher Education Agency

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