Implementing CDISC Using SAS: An End-to-End Guide, Second Edition

"Given the increased attention on the use of the required CDISC data standards, the release of the second edition of Implementing CDISC Using SAS®: An End-to-End Guide, is very timely. Developing an understanding of best practices for efficient implementation of data standards cannot be gained by reading the voluminous publications of the CDISC foundational teams. This book is beneficial because it fills this gap by describing how to achieve full end-to-end implementation in an everyday nuts-and-bolts approach. The appendices provide example data, SAS code, and metadata spreadsheets, which provide the opportunity to accelerate the hands-on learning of CDISC implementation. The authors have done a great job updating the content in this new edition so that it is harmonized with current published standards and regulatory requirements."

Susan J. Kenny, PhD
Maximum Likelihood, Inc.