Heuristics in Analytics: A Practical Perspective of What Influences Our Analytical World Reviews

"Analytics is too often treated as a subject where the cleverness of computers generates the best answers. Fiona and Carlos return the focus to the cleverness of people, providing practical guidance about dealing with unknowns. Their text, with entertaining examples, puts the art back into the science of data mining."

Gordon S. Linoff, Founder, Data Miners, Inc.
Author of Data Mining Techniques for Marketing, Sales,
and Customer Relationship Management
and Data Analysis Using SQL and Excel

"With all the hype about big data, it's refreshing to find a book that discusses the practical aspects of analytics. Heuristics in Analytics makes a clear case for adding human experience and common sense to technology in order to solve real world business problems. Written in clear, non-mathematical language, the book explains how using heuristics together with analytics is often the fastest way to deliver decisions that are suitable for a specific use case, and quickly enough to fit the fast pace of business. The descriptions of heuristics concepts and guidance for how to use a heuristic approach to analytics should make this book a valuable addition to the manager's and practitioner's libraries."

Sue Feldman, Synthexis, author of The Answer Machine

"Heuristics in Analytics will provide patient readers with a second-to-none peek under the analytical tent. Analytics is no longer a 'black box' as Dr. Pinheiro and Ms. McNeill describe with surgical precision processes associated with defining problems, describing scenarios, developing and deploying models and selecting appropriate tools and techniques. The case studies are powerful and illuminating. There is much truth talking in these pages."

Thornton May
Futurist & Author of
The New Know: Innovation Powered by Analytics

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