Executive's Guide to Enterprise Social Media Strategy Reviews

"This book is an 'executive summary' of the e-social revolution, as it applies to business. Thomas and Barlow have distilled the most thrilling and life-changing technological revolution that any of us will witness in our lifetimes into a clear-eyed set of 'nothing-but-the-facts-ma'am' data points for business managers. A great read, well worth the effort."

Don Peppers and Martha Rogers
PhD, coauthors of Rules to Break and Laws to Follow

"Forget all the social media buzzwords! Dave and Mike cut through the social sphere hype with this practical guide helping you hone in on making social media a vital business success tool. After reading Dave and Mike's book, you will understand why you need to integrate your efforts in social media with your overall business objectives. Through new (not-your-everyday-Zappos-Dell-Facebook-example) and varied case studies, analytical direction, and measurement insights, Dave and Mike's book provides the fundamental strategies for your brand to truly connect with people via social media."

Zena Weist
Director, Social Media
H&R Block

"Thomas and Barlow have nailed it. I wish I'd written this book."

Chris Brogan
coauthor of Trust Agents

"As a social media strategist for a large brand, I understand the challenges companies face integrating social media. This book presents practical solutions in a way that makes sense for large enterprises."

Bert DuMars
Vice President, E-Business and Interactive Marketing
Newell Rubbermaid

"Lots of companies try their hands at social media and are unhappy with the results because they don't do their homework. Success in social media comes from smart preparation and making sure your online actions support your key business objectives. This book lays out the groundwork in a way that's easy for companies to understand and implement."

Justin Levy
author of Facebook Marketing: Designing Your Next Marketing Campaign

"Many enterprises continue to treat social media as a box they'd rather not open. With The Executive's Guide to Enterprise Social Media Strategy, David Thomas and Mike Barlow not only provide organizations with the keys to that particular box, but also clear, actionable strategies for dealing with its contents. The payoff: happier customers, better products and services, and a potentially enormous trove of valuable business intelligence. Highly recommended."

Tom Webster
Vice President, Strategy
Edison Research