Book review: End-to-End Data Science with SAS®: A Hands-On Programming Guide

Finally, a data science book that is not too technical or too complicated to understand! James Gearheart’s new book, End-to-End Data Science with SAS®: A Hands-On Programming Guide, is the right book at the right time. James does a great job of breaking down the complexity of data science projects into organized and manageable components so that anyone with a limited background or experience can benefit from his unique approach. James ties his strong understanding of the data in real-world applications to control data volume and apply advanced analytics to identify patterns and conclusions in the data. This is the perfect book for my Data Science with SAS class students since it will prepare them for the next generation of data automation and optimum research. The techniques learned from this book increase confidence in making important decisions while reducing risks.

Sunil Gupta
Founder of

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