Design and Analysis of Experiments by Douglas Montgomery: A Supplement for Using JMP Reviews

I enjoyed reading the book because it is straightforward to follow and apply. There is a clear and organized presentation of the basic Design and Analysis of Experiments concepts that most practitioners need for general day-to-day work. Step-by-step instructions are provided that clearly explain how to complete the examples using JMP. There are helpful screen shots that provide guidance throughout the book. Frequently there are references to Dr. Montgomery's text and explanations to point out similarities and explain differences between JMP output and results shown in the Montgomery book.

Although I've used JMP for several years, I learned a number of tips and tricks that will be immediately useful in my daily work. Even though the title of this book positions it as a supplement to the Montgomery text, this book provides enough detail and explanation that a JMP user could follow along and learn from it as a stand-alone guide. In addition to students studying from the Montgomery text, I recommend this supplement to every beginning and intermediate JMP user.

Ben Ahlstrom
Amgen, Inc.

"What a powerful combination–the definitive text on experimental design coupled with the most powerful statistical software package around! This extremely thorough and wonderfully easy to follow experimental design practitioner guide will be a welcome addition to the library of any practicing statistician. All the important concepts detailed by Professor Douglas Montgomery come alive with the JMP illustrations provided by the authors. This supplement is definitely needed because JMP has so much capability and flexibility that it is often not clear how to implement all its functionality. The illustrations provided make it crystal clear how best to practice design of experiments with statistical software."

Jim Simpson
JK Analytics, LLC.

"JMP's capabilities for the design and analysis of experiments are simply unmatched, and Doug Montgomery's textbook, Design and Analysis of Experiments, is the market leader in the field. It only makes sense to put these two outstanding resources together. This is exactly what has been done with the book, Design and Analysis of Experiments by Douglas Montgomery: A Supplement for Using JMP, by Heath Rushing, Andrew Karl, and James Wisnowski.

In the words of the authors, "this supplement to Design and Analysis of Experiments follows the chapter topics of the textbook and provides complete instructions and useful screenshots to use JMP to solve every example problem." With each example, the authors provide easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions for creating a design of interest or carrying out an appropriate data analysis. These instructions are accompanied by JMP screen shots that make obtaining the desired results fairly foolproof.

The authors also provide in-depth interpretation of results for each example. I heartily recommend this supplement for readers of Montgomery's Design and Analysis of Experiments."

Chris Nachtsheim
University of Minnesota