Demand-Driven Forecasting: A Structured Approach to Forecasting, Second Edition Reviews

Charlie Chase is one of the top thought leaders in the business forecasting community, making him eminently qualified to write what I consider to be the definitive book on demand-driven forecasting. This Second Edition takes the reader from a review of the most basic forecasting methods, to the most advanced time-series methods, and then on to the most innovative techniques in use today.

Lawrence "Larry" Lapide, PhD
Research Affiliate, MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics
Lecturer, University of Massachusetts
Recipient of the Institute of Business Forecasting & Planning's inaugural Lifetime Achievement in Business Forecasting & Planning Award


It is with profound pleasure that I am endorsing one of my favorite books Demand-Driven Forecasting by one of the sharpest minds in the field of business forecasting. Charlie Chase has created a truly holistic book, which allows a rare focus on key methodologies and real business challenges that is highly relevant for CPG companies. This second edition has expanded into the field of New Product Forecasting, a key discipline that makes or breaks forecasting success in a world of increasingly shorter product life cycles. In short: If you are looking for a book on forecasting that has it all, then you have found it. Demand Driven Forecasting is a must read.

Lauge Valentin
Director, Forecasting Process
The LEGO Group

Charlie Chase has delivered a text that provides forecasters at all levels with practical knowledge and the quantitative tools that will allow them to make a significant leap in modeling and predicting demand. Using plain and concise language, he integrates real-world examples with discussions of advanced statistical methods to demonstrate how to develop forecasting solutions by applying the power of analytics. Those in forecasting will benefit from the knowledge found in this book and by keeping it handy as a valuable reference.

Glenn Keltner, PhD
Manager, Demand Planning Development
Nestle Purina Petcare Company

There are authors of advanced forecasting books who take an academic approach to explaining forecast modeling that focuses on the construction of arcane algorithms and mathematical proof that are not very useful for forecasting practitioners. Then, there are other authors who take a general approach to explaining demand planning, but gloss over technical content required of modern forecasters. Neither of these approaches is well-suited for helping business forecasters critically identify the best demand data sources, effectively apply appropriate statistical forecasting methods, and properly design efficient demand planning processes.

In Demand-Driven Forecasting, Chase fills this void in the literature and provides the reader with concise explanations for advanced statistical methods and credible business advice for improving ways to predict demand for products and services. Whether you are an experienced professional forecasting manager, or a novice forecast analyst, you will find this book a valuable resource for your professional development.

Daniel Kiely
Associate Director
Epidemiology, Forecasting & Analytics

Charlie Chase has given forecasters a clear, responsible approach for ending the timeless tug of war between the need for 'forecast rigor' and the call for greater inclusion of 'client judgment.' By advancing the use of 'domain knowledge' and hypothesis testing to enrich base-case forecasts, he has empowered professional forecasters to step up and impact their companies' business results favorably and profoundly, all the while enhancing the organizational stature of forecasters broadly.

Bob Woodard
Vice President, Global Consumer and Customer Insights
Campbell Soup Company

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