Demand-Driven Forecasting: A Structured Approach to Forecasting, First Edition Reviews

"I just finished reading the first two chapters and it is clear that Charles has done a good job of capturing key issues and opportunities related to forecasting. In the first chapter, as I read descriptions of a forecasting myth, I would think of others, only to find them covered next. It is very helpful to read the examples and get the confirmation that these myths apply across many companies. Charles offers helpful insight on how to overcome the myths. He also does an excellent job providing definitions for demand sensing and demand shaping. These are two concepts getting a lot of attention in consumer products companies and chapter 2 provides helpful perspective, examples, and definitions. While the forecasting practitioner will find entire book helpful, I recommend the first two chapters for a much broader audience of planning leaders and business leaders. The insights will lead to better understanding and support for forecasting processes."

Dick Clark
Associate Director
Demand Planning Global Process Leader
Procter & Gamble

"The book is quite impressive, and unique in providing insights backed by specific examples from the experience of a practicing business forecaster. Yet, Chase also has a good 'academic' treatment of the methods and formulas--nice balance."

Roy L. Pearson
Chancellor Professor Emeritus
Mason School of Business
College of William & Mary

"There are authors of advanced forecasting books who take an academic approach to explaining forecast modeling that focuses on the construction of arcane algorithms and mathematical proof that are not very useful for forecasting practitioners. Then, there are other authors who take a general approach to explaining demand planning, but gloss over technical content required of modern forecasters. Neither of these approaches is well-suited for helping business forecasters critically identify the best demand data sources, effectively apply appropriate statistical forecasting methods, and properly design efficient demand planning processes. In Demand-Driven Forecasting, Chase fills this void in the literature and provides the reader with concise explanations for advanced statistical methods and credible business advice for improving ways to predict demand for products and services. Whether you are an experienced professional forecasting manager, or a novice forecast analyst, you will find this book a valuable resource for your professional development."

Daniel Kiely
Senior Manager
Epidemiology, Forecasting & Analytics
Celgene Corporation

"Charlie Chase has given forecasters a clear, responsible approach for ending the timeless tug of war between the need for 'forecast rigor' and the call for greater inclusion of 'client judgment'. By advancing the use of 'domain knowledge' and hypothesis testing to enrich base-case forecasts, he has empowered professional forecasters to step up and impact their companies' business results favorably and profoundly, all the while enhancing the organizational stature of forecasters broadly."

Bob Woodard
Vice President
Global Consumer and Customer Insights
Campbell Soup Company

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