Common Statistical Methods for Clinical Research with SAS Examples, Third Edition Reviews

"For anyone working as a statistician, SAS programmer, or clinical researcher who does pharmaceutical statistics using SAS this book is indispensable."

Michael R. Chernick, Ph.D.
Director of Biostatistical Services
Lankenau Institute for Medical Research

"This book is an excellent resource for all health care research with detailed information on common statistical methods and abundant SAS examples. From t-tests to logistic regression, this book covers it all. With the use of relevant examples and datasets, Walker and Shostak cover everything from data analysis to model fitting in an easy-to-read and easy-to-understand manner. The most comprehensive book on common statistical methods, Walker and Shostak's book is one of the books that I will use on a daily basis."

Kimberly Nguyen, M.S., M.P.H.
Connecticut Department of Public Health

"Common Statistical Methods for Clinical Research with SAS Examples, Third Edition, offers users familiar with statistics the SAS/Stat procedure code and options available to perform their analyses using SAS. For experienced Base SAS users who want to learn which SAS/Stat procedure is the most appropriate for their data this book offers an excellent statistics tutorial.

Chapter by chapter, this book leads you through statistical procedures in clinical trial analyses, from basic descriptive stats and hypothesis testing to more complex multivariate and survival analysis. Each chapter begins with a definition and notation of a statistical test and a numerical example illustrating its use. The SAS program code and resulting output follow. Numbered lines in the output match key paragraphs in the text and provide detailed explanations of the steps in the SAS procedure. You can gain experience by creating the sample dataset, completing the exercises listed, and comparing your results to the appropriate results provided."

Karol Katz, M.S.
Programmer Analyst
Department of Pediatrics
Yale University School of Medicine

"Walker and Shostak offer a comprehensive introduction to fundamentals, concepts, and applications of statistics in clinical trials. Using data examples from drug development, sample SAS code is provided to help solve problems commonly found in clinical trials. Useful explanations of SAS code are given and common pitfalls are shown.

This book is a good reference for SAS programmers, clinicians, students, and professionals who want to learn SAS applications but may not have either clinical trials experience or statistical course work."

Debbi Kotlovker
Statistical Consultant