Cody's Data Cleaning Techniques Using SAS, Second Edition Reviews

"Clean data is critical to accurate analysis. By implementing programs and macros in Cody's Data Cleaning Techniques Using SAS, Second Edition, you can achieve the goal of a clean SAS data set. Easy-to-follow examples identify invalid, missing, or out-of-range data. Also included are chapters working with dates and matching Primary Key (Identifier) variables across multiple files. This Second Edition incorporates new features in SAS 9.

This book is a valuable tool for all SAS users to prepare data for analysis."

Karol Katz, MS
Yale University School of Medicine

"Many veteran coders become comfortable - sometimes too comfortable - with the coding techniques that they learned early on in their careers. They believe that there is no need to adopt enhanced features since their old skills continue to provide an adequate return. Dr. Ron Cody is NOT one of those people; his published works on SAS embrace the changes that have occurred in the SAS language over the years. Some of his books, most notably SAS Functions by Example and Learning SAS by Example: A Programmer's Guide, are benchmarks by which other books should be measured. He's now taken one of his earlier works, Cody's Data Cleaning Techniques Using SAS Software and updated it to take advantage of what SAS has introduced in the 9 years since the original version was published.

Folks who purchased his original volume should be prepared to put their first copy away and begin to use the newer work at their earliest opportunity."

Andrew T. Kuligowski
SouthEast SAS Users Group

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