Business Statistics Made Easy in SAS Reviews

"I admit, the term "business statistics" brings a sense of boredom to my mind. I see images of stock prices, corporate revenues, and customer satisfaction charts. Gregory Lee, however, proved me wrong, and in many ways. He has a rare ability to present complex statistical ideas in a way that, at least for me, allows me to understand the concepts without having to struggle. Multicollinearity, regression, and categorical data analysis are all areas that I've struggled with in the past. Having read Mr. Lee's book, I now not only have an understanding of them, but I also have a clear idea of when and where they're appropriate for me to use. He presents these concepts without a single formula, something for which I'm grateful.

"Mr. Lee, however, doesn't just cover statistical concepts. He goes through, very clearly but concisely, key points and best practices in data management, data cleaning, and steps that everyone using data should practice. He discusses critical steps such as data collection, and how to use SAS to quickly understand your data. Mr. Lee does this by using a single key example throughout his book, and this makes it easier to follow. As you're taken on a start-to-finish project, you see how the layers start affecting each other. One step will affect the process later on, and Mr. Lee shows how it does so.

"I cannot wait to read more of Mr Lee's books. His book Business Statistics Made Easy in SAS surely earns a place on my desk, as I will continually be referring to it in the future."

Christopher Battiston
Wait Times Coordinator
Women's College Hospital