Building Business Intelligence using SAS® Reviews

Tricia Aanderud and Angela Hall have produced a wonderful reference for anyone using SAS BI. The authors provide a clear overview of all the key modules within the SAS BI suite, with step-by-step instructions for creating and managing content from reports to dashboards to stored processes. This book is a must read for anyone using SAS BI.

Cindi Howson
founder of BI Scorecard and author of Successful Business Intelligence: Secrets to Making BI a Killer App

This book covers all of the SAS BI tools from SAS Enterprise Guide to the SAS Information Delivery Portal and everything in between, including SAS Stored Processes and the prompt framework. It is a very well- organized book that covers each component in great detail in its own chapter. It is very easy to use as a reference for all of the BI tools because of the way it is structured. It covers all of the basics in a step-by-step approach, including screen shots, as well as more advanced features. Tricia and Angela have created a reference guide for all of the tools in one book.

Brent Whitesel
SAS BI Usability Architect II
Highmark, Inc.