Analyzing Receiver Operating Characteristic Curves with SAS Reviews

"Mithat Gönen has produced the best text to date regarding receiver operating characteristic (ROC) curves and their use in statistical analysis. He provides insight into how ROC curve analysis can be used to assess the accuracy of predictions and forecasts. The book is easy to read and comprehend and has a wealth of SAS programming examples from business, science, and medicine. The author covers all the essential approaches to analyzing receiver operating characteristic curves. I highly recommend this book!"

William F. McCarthy, Ph.D.
Director, Clinical Trials,
Clinical Statistics and SAS Programming
Maryland Medical Research Institute, Baltimore, MD

"ROC curves may seem quite mysterious at first; what does a "receiver operating characteristic curve" have to do with biological or biomedical phenomena? Dr. Gönen's lucid and well-organized book dispels the ROC mystery and enables ready adoption of this exciting methodology. The mixture of clearly articulated theory and development of topics with SAS code and review of SAS output throughout the text is very effective for the introduction of this material … the examples are focused and well-designed. In sum, I heartily recommend Dr. Gönen's fine book."

Robert Singer, M.S.
PDL BioPharma