Analyzing and Interpreting Continuous Data Using JMP: A Step-by-Step Guide Reviews

"The genesis of the Ramirez work is the legendary NBS Handbook 91 Experimental Statistics assembled by Mary Natrella of the National Bureau of Standards (now National Institute of Standards and Technology). The authors have skillfully blended one of the finest traditional statistical works with the contemporary software capability of JMP. The result is a powerful, yet user-friendly resource the practicing engineer/scientist can rely upon to solve the immediate problem at hand.

The authors are seasoned industrial statisticians responding to the needs of frontline engineers and scientists. Unlike traditional textbooks, each chapter focuses upon a real life technical problem rather than a statistical technique. The book is rich with many examples across both industry and discipline. For example, both young and seasoned investigators will enjoy and appreciate the dynamic JMP® analysis of data from the first published paper of a young scientist named Einstein.

The book will also serve as a valuable supplement to traditional engineering/scientific statistical textbooks at both the undergraduate and graduate level. The authors deftly dovetail both graphical and computational analysis and in the process clarify and quantify the industrial challenge under investigation.

We look forward to utilizing the book in our next offering of engineering statistics.

This book deserves a place on the bookshelf of every practicing engineer and scientist."

James C. Ford, Ph.D.
College of Engineering
University of Delaware

"Analyzing and Interpreting Continuous Data Using JMP: A Step by Step Guide, by José G. Ramírez, Ph.D., and Brenda S. Ramírez, does a wonderful job blending the practical side of industrial data with a rigorous statistical handling in an intuitive and graphical framework utilizing JMP. Industrial engineers/scientists interested in proper handling of statistical comparisons related to experimentation and calibration will find its step-by-step framework complete and well documented via detailed process steps, examples, and visuals. This work provides a unique connection back to the NBS Handbook 91 Experimental Statistics (now NIST SP 958). Lastly, the book is very much a ready-for-use reference guide for common statistical problems in engineering and science."

Tim Rey
Leader, Data Mining and Modeling
The Dow Chemical Company

"Analyzing and Interpreting Continuous Data Using JMP: A Step-by-Step Guide, by José G. Ramírez and Brenda S. Ramírez, is not just an introductory guide to statistical analysis; it is above all an excellent tool for quality and reliability engineers and for Six Sigma practitioners. The authors have made data analysis and interpretation very easy to do by using examples that are encountered on a daily basis in all industries. While it is very instructive and covers just about all the subjects applicable to all aspects of management, especially quality and reliability, the book keeps mathematical reasoning to a strict minimum. The many examples and the graphs that accompany each chapter make the book easier to understand by a wider audience. This is just an excellent book for beginners and a reference for practitioners!"

Issa Bass
Senior Six Sigma Consultant with Manor House and Associates

"The book Analyzing and Interpreting Continuous Data Using JMP is a great companion to JMP for industrial statisticians and other applied scientists working with continuous data. The organization of the book and its lucid writing make it easy to understand the technical aspects of the procedures as well as the step by step approach using JMP. Kudos to the authors for writing such a great book!"

Sabyasachi Basu, PhD, Statistics
Applied Statistician and Certified (ASQ) Six Sigma Black Belt