Analytics: The Agile Way Reviews

"As analytics moves from an IT reporting exercise to a mission critical business-led discipline, collaboration, expediency, and flexibility are more important than ever. Information is no longer an asset to be trifled with, but rather one that organizations must harness aggressively. To date, I have seen scant attempts at Agile analytics, but this book will most certainly launch a thousand more. It is a must-read for any analytics leader, and a must-do for any analytics professional."

Douglas Laney
VP and Distinguished Analyst

"Analytics: The Agile Way makes accessible two of today's key themes in modern business: data and how we get work done. A great book for analytics, but also a great book for management and leadership. Given that we are all responsible for our own education, perhaps all business books should now be written as this one is: perfect for a formal class but also for lifelong learning."

Terri Griffith
Associate Dean & Professor at Santa Clara University's Leavey School of Business and author of the award-winning book The Plugged-In Manager

"Phil Simon adroitly shows the potential of combining Agile thinking and methods with data analytics to provide powerful, distinct competitive advantages to organizations. As Simon demonstrates clearly through multiple real-life examples, Agile analytics can enable organizations to create lasting value from their Big Data efforts without ignoring the privacy and security issues those efforts frequently create."

Robert N. Charette
ITABHI Corporation

"A thoroughly enjoyable guide to the critical importance of analytics and Big Data. Simon wisely counsels that no one method works for all companies. The key is to be flexible and nimble and follow the guidelines he explains so clearly and convincingly."

Gary N. Smith
Fletcher Jones Professor of Economics at Pomona College and author of Money Machine: The Surprisingly Simple Power of Value Investing