A Practical Guide to Analytics for Governments: Using Big Data for Good Reviews

In working with governments across the country, often what's needed for analytics is to just get started. This book is full of examples of typical problems, and potential solutions, that provide insight into how analytics can work in government. Practitioners from a variety of backgrounds and sectors will benefit from the compelling stories and practical guidance to get analytics off the ground.

Eric Reese
Senior Implementation Advisor
Center for Government Excellence at Johns Hopkins University

Accessible, applicable, relevant and inspiring! Each chapter presents real-life examples of challenges and data-driven fixes that apply to our day-to-day government lives. These stories allow the reader to not only understand the process and value of data analytics, but they inspire and empower the reader to act.

Robert Phocas, J.D., M.E.M.
Director of Sustainability
City of Charlotte, NC

A Practical Guide to Analytics for Governments offers perfect examples of how governments can enhance success in policy development and implementation, improving effectiveness and efficiency in the achievement of desired outcomes. This book accurately describes how a government's investment in advanced analytics can provide a valuable tool in assuring solid policy decisions.

Lanier M. Cansler
Former member of the North Carolina General Assembly and Former Secretary of the NC Department of Health and Human Services

In many ways, modern government is information. A principal part of governing is to consume, understand and act upon collected data. Politicians often argue about the effectiveness of specific government programs, but the truth can be revealed in collected data. This book highlights how big data and analytics can address many of our country's most pressing issues, while having a long-term positive impact on citizens.

Shawn P. McCarthy
Research Director
IDC Government Insights