A Gentle Introduction to Statistics Using SAS® Studio

Proof that you don't need to know how to program in order to use SAS, this book is an effective tool for anyone looking to run statistical procedures in the SAS environment. Whether you are new to statistics, SAS, or a veteran in either and just hungry to learn how to effectively employ the other, the author offers a gentle introduction to the world of statistics and SAS logic that anyone can easily follow. Packed with examples and self-tests, this book is a great addition to the libraries of individuals and analytic teams alike!

Deanna Schreiber-Gregory
Independent Consultant - Statistical Theory and Data Management

Ron Cody’s A Gentle Introduction to Statistics Using SAS® Studio is a clear, no math, no coding introduction to doing statistical analysis with SAS.

Ron gives easy to understand explanations of statistical concepts and types of studies, and tells when each type of analysis is appropriate. The examples he uses for each analysis are simple, which makes it easy to see the connection between the data being analyzed, the statistical test being used, and the output of the SAS procedure.

Ron uses the free SAS University Edition to do the math and the coding for each analysis. He walks through the installation and set-up procedure for the SAS University Edition then takes the reader on a tour of the SAS Studio interface. He gives step-by-step instructions for doing each type of statistical test using the point-and-click SAS Studio interface to build SAS procedure code.

This is an excellent book to help anyone without a math or statistical background understand and do statistical analysis using SAS.

Paul Grant
Boston Area SAS Users Group
Senior Technical Architect (ret.), SAS
SAS Global Users Group Executive Board, emeritus

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