We are excited to announce a new series of free e-books
focused on SAS® Viya®!

Exploring SAS® Viya® is a series of e-books that
are based on content from SAS® Viya® Enablement, a free course available from
SAS Education. You can follow along with examples
in real time by watching the videos.

Topics covered illustrate the features and capabilities
of SAS Viya. SAS Viya extends the SAS platform to enable everyone – data
scientists, business analysts, developers, and executives alike – to
collaborate and realize innovative results faster.

Exploring SAS® Viya®: Data Mining and Machine Learning

SAS® Visual Data Mining and Machine Learning, powered by SAS® Viya®, means that users of all skill levels can visually explore data on their own while drawing on powerful in-memory technologies for faster analytic computations and discoveries. You can manually program with custom code or use the features in SAS® Studio, Model Studio, and SAS® Visual Analytics to automate your data manipulation and modeling. These programs offer a flexible, easy-to-use, self-service environment that can scale on an enterprise-wide level. In this book, we will explore some of the many features of SAS Visual Data Mining and Machine Learning including: programming in the Python interface; new, advanced data mining and machine learning procedures; pipeline building in Model Studio, and model building and comparison in SAS® Visual Analytics.

Exploring SAS® Viya®: Programming and Data Management

This first book in the series covers how to access data files, libraries, and existing code in SAS® Studio.

You also will learn about new procedures in SAS Viya, how to write new code, and how to use some of the pre-installed tasks that come with SAS® Visual Data Mining and Machine Learning. In the last chapter, you will learn how to use the features in SAS® Data Preparation to perform data management tasks using SAS® Data Explorer, SAS® Data Studio, and SAS® Lineage Viewer.

Exploring SAS® Viya®: Visual Analytics, Statistics, and Investigations

Data visualization enables decision makers to see analytics presented visually so that they can grasp difficult concepts or identify new patterns. SAS offers several solutions for visualizing your data, many of which are powered by SAS Viya. This book includes four visualization solutions powered by SAS Viya: SAS Visual Analytics, SAS Visual Statistics, SAS Visual Text Analytics, and SAS Visual Investigator.