SAS Data Provider Feature Comparison

The four data providers all support high-performance access to SAS data. For a list of the different file types supported by each of the providers, see Supported SAS Data File Types. The providers enable users to physically open SAS data files. Other common features include:

To help you choose the provider that best suits your needs, the following table lists provider-specific functionality:

Provider-Specific Features SAS Local Data Provider SAS/SHARE Data Provider SAS IOM Data Provider SAS OLAP Data Provider
supports random access using the ADO adOpenDynamic cursor type and recordset bookmarks yes yes yes no
supports simultaneous user updates no yes yes yes
supports SQL processing no yes yes no
provides read and update access to all data sets available in a SAS session no yes yes no
provides a choice of either exclusive access (member-level lock) or multiple user access (record-level lock) to SAS data files, selectable on a per-rowset open basis no yes yes yes
provides access to SAS data files via Version 7 and later SAS/SHARE servers no yes no no
provides access to SAS data files on Version 8 and later SAS IOM servers no no yes no
provides access to SAS data files on SAS 9.1 and later SAS OLAP servers no no no yes
provides read-only access to Version 6 and later SAS data sets created on a Windows system without a SAS session yes no no no
provides read-only access to transport files and data sets created by SAS Version 7 or later on any of the following platforms: Solaris, HP/UX, RS 6000 AIX, MIPS Intel ABI, Windows, OS/2, OpenVMS Alpha. Does not require a SAS session. yes no no no
supports MDX processing no no no yes

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