The Purpose of This Book

The purpose of this book is to teach SAS/STAT users how to use Stat Studio in conjunction with SAS/STAT in order to explore data and visualize statistical models. It assumes that you are familiar with using Base SAS and procedures such as FREQ, PRINT, REG, and KDE in SAS/STAT. The examples in this book do not require knowledge of SAS/IML. A goal of this book is to enable SAS/STAT programmers to write programs in Stat Studio as quickly as possible.

In particular, this book focuses on how to create dynamically linked graphics so you can more easily formulate, visualize, evaluate, and revise statistical models. If you already know how to write DATA and PROC statements to perform a certain analysis, you can add a few IMLPlus statements to create graphics for visualizing the results. Thus, you need to learn only a few new commands and techniques in order to get started with IMLPlus programming.

This book is one of three documents about Stat Studio. You can learn how to use the Stat Studio GUI to conduct exploratory data analysis and standard statistical analyses in Stat Studio User's Guide. That book also shows you how to perform many of the tasks in this chapter by using menus in the Stat Studio GUI. You can learn more advanced programming commands and techniques from the Stat Studio online Help, which you can display by selecting Help \blacktriangleright\,Help Topics from the main menu.

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