Overview: Regression Procedures

This chapter provides an overview of procedures in SAS/STAT software that perform regression analysis. The REG procedure provides the most extensive analysis capabilities for linear regression models involving individual numeric independent variables. Many other procedures can fit such models, but they are designed for more general models, such as robust regression, generalized linear regression, nonlinear regression, nonparametric regression, regression modeling of survey data, regression modeling of survival data, and regression modeling of transformed variables.

The aim of this chapter is to provide a brief road map and delineation of the various SAS/STAT procedures that can fit regression models. Some of the procedures that fall into this category are the CATMOD, GAM, GENMOD, GLIMMIX, GLM, LIFEREG, LOESS, LOGISTIC, MIXED, NLIN, NLMIXED, ORTHOREG, PHREG, PLS, PROBIT, REG, ROBUSTREG, RSREG, SURVEYLOGISTIC, SURVEYPHREG, SURVEYREG, and TRANSREG procedures.

This chapter also briefly mentions several procedures in SAS/ETS software.